Petone’s waterfront is one of the nicest parts of the entire Wellington region. For such an amazing space it is so underutilised at present. While I don’t want to see high-rise apartments dominating this area, I think with careful consideration of the environment & historic nature of Petone, The Esplanade could easily become an amazing place for both locals and those visiting our great city. Hutt City Council has already approved the construction of low-rise apartments in this area, and with some smart city planning this space could be transformed.

I believe this would have to be done in two stages, because at present it is one of the busiest roads. Especially heavy vehicles heading to Gracefield/Seaview – the largest industrial area in the Wellington region. If the Cross Valley Link Road finally goes ahead there is no reason why The Esplanade couldn’t become an amazing place.

There is a real lack of creative spaces & connection between Petone and the foreshore. There is also a lack of sufficient lighting along the esplanade & the wharf. You only have to look at how amazing the area looks during Petone Winter Carnival, when lots of temporary lighting is brought in for the event.