Keeping Rate Increases Low


We should be reinvesting in our assets, or selling off ones (such as some of our Urban Plus) to free up money to invest into new council assets. We shouldn’t be increasing rates if there are other ways. I’m committed to keeping rates pin to inflation.

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Eastern Bays Shared Path

shared pathway

I commit to supporting the Eastbourne & The Bays Shared Pathway. This project is vital to the eastern bays. A lack of dedicated cycling and walking facilities and the tightly constrained nature of Marine Drive has meant that there is currently low pedestrians and cyclist use. For much of the road, cyclists and pedestrians must use the road shoulder, which …

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Encouraging EV Uptake


Council’s emissions only make up 4% of the city-wide emissions in Lower Hutt. While the council is working towards a target of carbon zero, work also needs to be done to encourage the rest of Lower Hutt to be so too. One area of emission reduction is through electric vehicles (EV’s). One of the restrictions for uptake is chargers either at …

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LittaTrap’s in Stormwater drains


A New Zealand company has come up with a low-cost solution to stop rubbish from entering our stormwater system. A littatrap can be easily installed in stormwater drains and collects rubbish in its net. This can then easily be removed and emptied. Obviously, this doesn’t fix the source of the issue but does help with the effects. Along with capturing …

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Rubbish & Recycling System for Our Elements


Small topless crates aren’t sufficient in size or protection from the elements. If elected, one of the first things I’ll be working towards is a revamped recycling system. A two-bin system is in place in other cities around the region and works far better than our current crate system. For the average size family, the crate isn’t big enough to …

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If elected, one of my main focuses will be on being truly transparent. Too often elected members are hidden away and not accessible or forthcoming with information. As a councillor, elected by the city, it is my duty to be transparent during every decision making process. I will be looking to social media & digital platforms so that ratepayers can …

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Recycle and renew Council assets

Lower Hutt needs to recycle and renew council assets to pay for new infrastructure that our city needs. We can’t keep piling more debt onto the future ratepayers. Decisions need to be made like a business would, with robust cost-to-benefit analysis and a payment plan. If you don’t have funds to do something you recycle or renew what you do have.

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Petone to Grenada Link Road (P2G)

180214 Hutt News.  Proposed raised interchange at Petone, to be built as part of the Petone-Grenada Link Rd.

I support the Petone to Grenada Link Road. The main reason for me is better connection for Lower Hutt to Transmission Gully, and the redevelopment of the interchange with Petone’s Esplanade & SH2. Watch this video from NZTA which gives you an overview of the project.

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Alcohol in Public Places Bylaw


What are your thoughts on some or all public places becoming alcohol free zones from 9pm to 5am in Lower Hutt? Police currently have powers to stop drinking in public, but this bylaw would allow the police to intervene before an issue begins. While I don’t think we want to become and over-policed city I think we need to find …

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Utilising The Esplanade


Petone’s waterfront is one of the nicest parts of the entire Wellington region. For such an amazing space it is so underutilised at present. While I don’t want to see high-rise apartments dominating this area, I think with careful consideration of the environment & historic nature of Petone, The Esplanade could easily become an amazing place for both locals and …

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