I’m a father & husband living in Lower Hutt. I’m a professional photographer and opened my first studio seven years ago in Petone.

Before I completed my bachelor degree at Victoria University, I made a promise to myself, that I would never work for anyone else. Since then I have successfully started, run and sold a number of businesses – continuing my life goal to only work for myself.

Now 14 years later and I am willing to break that promise for you & our city. In 2019 I am standing for election as a councillor in the Hutt City Council. One of my goals is to demystify what council does & how it operates. Voter turn out is diminishing every year, and I strongly believe this is because a large proportion of our community just doesn’t understand it. Many of the things you use every day are provided by the local council. These range from water flowing freely from your taps, finding a car park so you can borrow books from the library, taking your kids to the park, putting out the rubbish for collection, and walking your dog at night along well-lit streets.

I love the direction Hutt City is going, and want to continue driving this great city forward. I can’t wait to bring my youthful ideologies & skills learnt from my business successes to the council table. Council hasn’t traditionally been a place for millennials or youth, but I think it is important that we have a diverse representation of our community making the important decisions on the future of our city.

I am standing as a city-wide candidate for Hutt City Council.